TEK Group develops high quality systems designated to the self-repair of the tires of cars, motorcycles and trucks. Our repair solutions, available across the international market under the Fix&Go® brand name, were the first choice selected by many vehicle manufacturers as the original standard equipment kit, replacing the spare wheel. Today TEK Group provides to more than 30 of the most important and prestigious vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Quality and reliability for all vehicles: cars, motorcycles and trucks.



1995 The idea is born: a tire repair kit to eliminate the need of a spare tire. TEK Group is founded.

1996 First tire repair kit generation and first OEM acquisition: Alfa Romeo.

2000 New acquisition: FIAT and Abarth.

2003 TEK expands in North America (Detroit). Introduction to the worldwide market of the first full automatic tire repair kit.

2004 New acquisitions: General Motors, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Opel, Chrysler, Saturn, Ferrari and Maserati.

2005 New acquisition: Lancia. First OEM award for commercial vehicles.

2006 New acquisitions: Piaggio and Ford. Detroit plant is certified ISO/TS16949. Launch of new generation tire repair kit.

2007 New manufacturing plant in Shanghai. New acquisitions: IVECO, Cadillac, Lincoln, Dodge.

2008 New acquisition: Suzuki. Shanghai plant is certified ISO/TS 16949.

2009 New acquisition: Holden. Expanding the product line with the first tire repair kit for motorbikes and scooters.

2010 New acquisition: Fisker, Pagani, AM General. TEK introduces world’s first tire repair kit for heavy duty trucks.

2012 Aftermarket launch and creation of the Fix&Go® brand for cars, motorcycles and trucks.

2013 New acquisition: BMW and MINI. Launch of a new generation tire repair kit.

2014 New acquisition: Roewe, Aston Martin, SAIC Motor and Jeep

2015 New acquisition: SGMW and Maruti Suzuki. TEK expands worldwide: new headquarter in Switzerland (Lugano) and new subsidiary in India (New Delhi).

2016 New acquisitions: Rolls-Royce, Denza, Kandi, Weichai.

2017 New acquisitions: Tesla, SsangYong Motor, Zotye and DFLZM. New holding company in UK (London). Launch of a new generation tire repair kit.


Research, experimentation and innovation on a global scale are the cornerstones of TEK Group. The internal laboratories and partnerships with some of the most prestigious research centers worldwide allow the Group to constantly improve the quality of its products and processes. An international team of engineers develops every day revolutionary ideas with a strong focus on usability and weight reduction, saving space and cost reductions for their clients.


With an Italian background, but always looking beyond the borders of the country. TEK is today present in 17 countries and has developed important partnerships in the rest of the world. The Headquarter is located in Lugano (Switzerland), the holding company is in London (United Kingdom) and other subsidiaries are located in Pesaro (Italy), Shanghai (China), Detroit (United States) and New Delhi (India). We are also present with established sales representatives in France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.


• Production process entirely managed by TEK Group within all its phases, from initial design to production

• Customer involvement in the conceptual-design phase of new models

• Constant investment in research and development

• Strong international presence

• Deep technical know-how

• Patent industrial property

• Human resources constantly updated

• Young and motivated staff

• Team spirit, integration of skills and teamwork


TEK has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact produced by its products, in fact, the invention of a product to replace the spare wheel is already a green choice. The entire production cycle is based on the use of rational and essential materials, the reduction in weight and packaging and the development of non-toxic chemicals. In this way we are able to offer the market efficient solutions from an energetic point of view and as recyclable as possible, dramatically reducing the environmental impact of each new model compared to the previous versions.


TEK companies are ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and Ford Q1 certificated. The entire creation process, from the very beginning to mass production, guarantees the final customer the highest quality standards.