Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Fix&Go tire repair kit in my vehicle?

To repair a flat tire without wasting time, effort and avoiding the dangers of a long-term stop by the roadside. Fix&Go kits can be also used to simply inflate a tire.

Will Fix&Go damage my tire?

Absolutely not. The patented sealant fully meets the most strict international regulations and does not damage the tire or the tire pressure sensors (TPMS) of your vehicle.

What to do after I have successfully repaired a tire with Fix&Go? Can I reuse my tire?

After the repair, you can drive for over 600mi / 1000km at a maximum speed of 65mph / 110km/h before visiting a tire specialist who will wash out the sealant from the tire (this process will take less than 10 minutes and plain water) and definitively conclude the tire repair. After that, your tire can be re-used as new.

Can I use Fix&Go in any type of tire?

Fix&Go works with any kind of tubeless tire, so the repair is available for the majority of the cars, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles in the market. This means is also available for runflat tires, since our kits have a double nature and can be used for both, repair or simply inflate.

Where can I buy Fix&Go kits and spare parts?

You can find Fix&Go kits and canister replacements at the best price always available in our online store.

Which canister replacement should I buy?

If you own a Fix&Go kit designed for scooters, motorcycles or ATVs, the replacement that fits your kit is CANISTER MICROAIR.
If you own a Fix&Go kit designed for cars, motorhomes or commercial vehicles, you can find the right replacements here, using the filter “FIND YOU SPARE PART”.
If you own a Fix&Go kit designed for trucks or buses, the replacement that fits your kit is CANISTER PRO.

Can Fix&Go be used as a compressor to inflate bicycle tires, air mattress, balls or an inflatable pool?

Yes, Fix&Go is equipped with a powerful compressor and adapters that allow you to inflate a large variety of items.

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