The TEK Group is a world leader in the production of high quality tire repair kits.
Internationally marketed under the Fix&Go brand name, our repair kits were the first to be used by major automobile manufacturers in place of the standard spare tire. TEK is the official supplier for 24 car makers world wide.

Quality and reliability for your car, motorcycle and truck.


THE TEK TIMELINE  (see infographic - pdf) 

1995 The idea for a tire repair kit to replace the standard spare tire was developed into a project

1996 TEK Group was founded

1997 First OEM supply agreement signed with Alfa Romeo

2000 First supplied on the FIAT Punto

2001 SUBARU becomes a client

2003 Expansion into North America (Detroit, Michigan USA); new and completely AUTOMATIC kit introduced on the world market

2004 GM becomes a client in North America on CHEVROLET, PONTIAC, OPEL, CHRYSLER and SATURN and in Europe on FERRARI and MASERATI

2005 LANCIA becomes a client. Supply extended to cover FIAT commercial vehicle platform

2006  PIAGGIO and FORD become clients. Detroit plant gets TS16949 certification. TEK introduces SENSOR, the new generation of tire repair kits

2007 TEK sets up a manufacturing plant in Shanghai. New clients include IVECO, CADILLAC, LINCOLN and DODGE

2008 Consolidation of the Asian market with KIA (Korea) and SUZUKI (Japan). Shanghai production site gets TS16949 quality certification. The new semi-automatic kit, AIRFLAT, is introduced

2009 Gamma prodotti in crescita: si aggiungono il MICROAIR, AIR e AIRFLEX TEK hits the million sales mark. The Australian carmaker HOLDEN becomes a client

2010 New clients include FISKER AUTOMOTIVE, AM GENERAL and the prestigious PAGANI-ZONDA. The PRO system is introduced as a tire repair kit designed for commercial vehicles

2011 TEK Group through the Fix&Go brand begin marketing models designed exclusively for aftermarket and for the Fix&Go website

These are the three cornerstones that make up the foundation of TEK’s company policy. Research represents a top priority at TEK because we know that without it there is no progress and no moving ahead on the market. Our research laboratories work together with university research centers to look for ways to improve our product. Then there’s testing. Every new project that comes out of the lab goes through rigorous testing before being put into production. TEK’s goal is to produce innovative, high-quality products because that’s what gets us to our other goal: customer satisfaction.
TEK has spent 15 years focusing all of its efforts and resources on OEM supply to car manufacturers and in doing so has expanded the market of temporary tire repair as an alternative to spare tires. Since mid-2010, we have been branching out and selling expressly designed Fix&Go brand products for the automotive aftermarket.


During its rapid expansion, TEK has strategically positioned itself in countries around the globe where car manufacturing is at the heart of their industrial activity, in places such as USA, the Far East, Italy, Germany and northern Europe. In this context, TEK  has decentralized so that it can make the best and most advantageous use of its production centers, sales networks and worldwide distribution. TEK corporate headquarters are located in Pesaro, Italy and its commercial department in Torino, Italy but the company is present also in Shanghai (manufacturing center), Detroit, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Seoul and Sao Paolo.  With the arrival of new retail sales channels,  look for new international centers to open up soon.


TEK is currently working on a business plan that focuses on effective communication. The biggest challenge of the automotive aftermarket is that all previously used strategies have to be overhauled to fit new needs. We will be introducing two new websites, one of which will be dedicated to e-commerce, as well as a company makeover and the introduction of information network aimed at reaching various company objectives. These changes in our business communication strategies are fundamental if we want to be transparent and open towards the new consumer market.


• Our manufacturing is managed entirely from within the company, from design to production

• Our skilled human resources respond to the continuously shifting demands of today’s markets and customers.
• Our clients participate in the concept-productive process for new projects

• We have young and motivated management

• We reinvest in research and development
• Our logistics offices are located on 3 continents

• We have extensive technical know how and patented technology

• TEK has team spirit, integration of skills and group project work

• We possess various certifications



TEK is dedicated to making sure that its products have a low environmental impact. We design our products to be compact, easy to handle and reliable – that’s what sets us apart from the rest – but the real challenge is being able to do this AND be environmentally friendly. Our products are made to be lightweight, so we keep the amount of material used in manufacturing limited. We also limit the packaging used for the final product and during shipping. And insofar as we can, we use non-toxic chemicals in production and in the final product. By focusing on the environment as well as on quality manufacturing processes, TEK is able to keep its products energy efficient and as recyclable as possible. And we go an even extra step – we make sure that every new model leaves a smaller carbon footprint that the one before it.

The certifications that TEK has obtained attest to the quality and organizational capacity of the company. In 2006 the Detroit plant received TS 16949 certification, which in 2008 was granted to our Shanghai plant.