Why buy one?

Fix&Go is an alternative way to repair a flat tire without using a spare tire. Fix any flat tire and be back on the road in as quick as 15 minutes.
 Why integrate or replace your spare tire with Fix&Go? Because:

  • Fix&Go (SENSOR) takes up only a quarter of the space that your spare tire does
  • Fix&Go (SENSOR) weighs 17 kg less than a typical spare tire, which means you’ll travel lighter and save gas
  • you can fit 15 Fix&Go systems in the spare tire compartment of your car, but since you only need one Fix&Go, you can use the extra space to store luggage or sports gear or whatever you want
  • it only takes about 15 minutes to repair a standard tire, compared to 45 minutes to put on a spare (if you’re good at it). And the less time you spend on the side of the road, the safer you’ll be.

Over the years, there have been many improvements in cars and travel, even roads today are better than they used to be, and chances of getting a flat are maybe lower too. But you just never know. Of all the reasons why you should keep Fix&Go temporary tire repair kits in your car, camper, motorcycle or truck, your own personal safety is the first. Sure, a flat tire could be a funny story to tell your friends – or not. Why risk it? Especially when the consequences of changing a tire are many, slight or serious. When putting on a spare tire:

  • you almost inevitably ruin your clothes
  • you get hurt, because most of us aren’t experts and anything can go wrong
  • it always seems to happen in bad weather or at night, when no one can see you on the side of the road
  • a car on the side of the road, whether it be on the highway or in the country, is dangerous
  • it’s heavy and cumbersome and not easy to lift it out of the trunk of the car
  • it’s hard – if not impossible – to take off the old tire because you haven’t got the right tools
  • in addition to all the dangers changing a tire presents, you’re stuck there for a long time trying to get it done.

Think we’re stretching it a bit? Could be, but ask anyone who has ever changed a tire and he or she will tell you – just one of the conditions listed above can leave you stranded and helpless, waiting for the local garage or automobile club to come and save you.

When a car is sent for demolition, some part that get destroyed are ones that had never been used. Case in point? The spare tire. 85% of these “never been used” parts that end up in the junkyard are spare tires, which includes both the wheel and the tire a well as the jack and everything else. So 85% of these “absolutely necessary” emergency spare tire kits die before they ever see the light of day.

And since the “spare tire ensemble” is one of the five tires that come with your car, that means that 20%, or one fifth, of the raw materials, distribution costs and production costs of your car’s tires are invested in something that rarely, if ever, gets used. And as vehicle assistance increases and services improve – and as we all become more and more inseparable from our cell phones – it is highly likely that that spare tire ensemble will be used even less in the future.

The “spare tire ensemble” represents an extra cost for three reasons
✓ materials and production costs that are included in the price of the vehicle.
✓ spare tires take up space inside the vehicle which could be better used to create more passenger space or baggage space or simply as additional space that would allow for a better distribution of the car’s own mechanics.
✓ Finally, the weight of the entire ensemble, which has an impact on consumption. Obviously it is not noticeable when we fill up the tank but considering that the average weight of a spare tire is 20 Kg (tire and wheel, jack plus accessories) that means that in the average lifespan of your average vehicle (250 thousand km in 10 years), approximately 165 liters of gasoline are used. And with the cost of gas today at 1.65 euro/liter, that comes out to 272.25 euro spent just to carry around the spare tire.

So with the incentive to reduce weight and costs, together with the concept of significantly increasing usable space inside the vehicle, carmakers began searching for ways to eliminate the entire “spare tire ensemble” and replace it with a temporary tire repair kit like Fix&Go. Our kits are not only compact and lightweight (about 2 kg) but they take up the same amount of space in your car as a bottle of water. It’s easy to use and it quickly makes temporary tire repairs by injecting a non-toxic sealant (not a foam!) into the tire with a powerful compressor. Fix&Go has been on the market for over 15 years and 24 different manufacturers have chosen it for their cars.